Your past experiences and education defines who you are and where you will go - and because every history is unique, I am happy to share mine with you. From Delaware to Mississippi, I have learned so much. 

Be the Change

It is said that when you write the story of your success, don't let anyone else hold the pen. 

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As a leader in the library community, I have grown passionate about programming, outreach, and advocacy. To that end, I attended the American Library Association's 2017 Leadership Institute, Mississippi Library Commission's 2014 Library Leadership Institute, and various community focused leadership programs. My goal in enrolling had been to be part of a cohort group for networking and support; what I emerged with was a new perspective on my role and the role my team when it came to the importance of public libraries in the 21st Century. My professional aspiration, my true desire, is to move the image of the public library and public librarians from its dusty to past and place it firmly in the forefront of American thought as a Community Center, and all that encompasses. 

Through gained experience, I have learned that to keep libraries relevant, we must have leaders who see a bright future and who understand that leadership and learning are indispensable of each other. A resume is a piece of paper that tells the story of someone's work history and very little else. I strive to be more than a few catchphrases. 

An Open Book

Documenting the Future

Ashley M. Biggs

It's not about stats, it’s about community